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ByDesign Wins DSA Partnership Award

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ByDesign Wins DSA Partnership Award

ByDesign Technologies is the first back office software company to win the prestigious DSA Partnership Award in twenty-one years. “The Partnership Award” is the highest award given to any supplier from the association.

The DSA Partnership Award recognizes Supplier companies that provide a product or service that has had a measurable impact on the growth or development of a direct selling member company or increases the profitability of a member.  ByDesign was selected due to their relentless pursuit of serving the industry through innovative software and outstanding support.

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ByDesign Technologies’ Freedom software is a comprehensive solution for direct-to-consumer marketing programs, offering a range of features to support global expansion and social commerce. Designed for user-friendliness and effectiveness, Freedom Software empowers representatives to sell anywhere, leveraging personalized pricing, robust promotions, and replicated websites. It supports an unlimited number of customer types, such as wholesale, affiliate, influencer, preferred customer, and retail customer, allowing businesses to differentiate pricing tiers and drive sales.

For global expansion, Freedom Software offers a turnkey solution that manages all markets in parallel, supporting unlimited countries, currencies, and languages. It enables cross-border sponsorship, providing country-specific regulatory compliance features, including VAT and withholdings. The software also supports culturally-relevant content and menus for each market, allowing customization of products, pricing, promotions, shipping, commission values, and payout methods per country. Additionally, it offers unique, competitive enrollment options for each market.

The Freedom Software has been integral in supporting rapid international expansion into over 60 countries, demonstrating ByDesign’s expertise in international direct selling across more than 140 markets. For over two decades, the team has evolved the software with new features to meet the emerging requirements of direct sellers worldwide. The Freedom translation tool enables limitless localization, and the global services organization provides efficient solutions for entering international and emerging markets

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