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Learn How A Greeting Card’s Two-fold Mission Brought Ten-fold Growth With ByDesign

As one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world, SendOutCards relies on technology to bring their two-fold mission of helping millions of people act on their promptings and provide a vehicle for financial success, to life.

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“The ongoing innovation at ByDesign has become one of those background things that we just expect. It’s feels like a normal occurrence because it happens all the time; and, the best part is that ByDesign provides all of these enhancements for free.”
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The Challenge

  • SendOutCards had an existing compensation plan that was not working for them.
  • The software provider that SendOutCards was working with would not make the compensation plan changes that were required.
  • To address this situation, SendOutCards desired a new software partner with cutting edge technology that would support their current needs and future growth.
  • SendOutCards needed an innovative technology partner that would collaborate with them and develop the creative solutions that they desired.
  • The new technology solution had to work seamlessly with APIs

“The stability of their system, combined with the exceptional reporting that details the way volumes are tracked has made our Corporate team and Distributors very comfortable in trusting the ByDesign solution. This trust allows our field to go to work; and, confidently put their focus on bringing in new customers, new Distributors and growing their business.”

The Solution

When searching for a new technology partner, SendOutCards analyzed the things in their business model that were unique to them and decided to build those parts internally. For the rest of their solution — including Commissions & Genealogy, Organizational Management, Reporting, and Distributor Tools — they leverage the Freedom Cloud Solution.

The flexibility and scalability of ByDesign’s open platform was a key to success for SendOutCards. Leveraging ByDesign’s APIs, they have scaled their unique business to support 60,000 distributors on 5 continents, and have delivered more than 100 million cards (and 3 million gifts).

As a result of the collaborative relationship with ByDesign, SendOutCards Distributors and customers experience an elegant, unified and simple experience that enables them to capture life’s special moments from anywhere in the world.

“As a client who has been with ByDesign since 2006, my advice is simple. If you want it done, if you want it done correctly, and you want it done promptly, then you should go with ByDesign.”

The Results

While on the Freedom Cloud Solution SendOutCards has grown ten-fold, from $5 million to more than $50 million. “As we continue to grow, we know that the potential for Freedom to scale with us is limitless — the Freedom technology can easily exceed our long term expansion and global growth projections.

ByDesign’s open platform allows SendOutCards to create the ideal solution that is customized exactly for their business. APIs seamlessly connect the unique components in the SendOutCards business model and automatically communicate with Freedom, where all their orders, and organizational information is placed into the system.

“We joined ByDesign in 2006. From our initial connection, we knew we found people that we could work with. It was easy to reach to the folks I needed to talk to and get things done. Ever since then, anything we have ever required we have either found a way to do or have worked together on a creative solution. We have become business partners, and I know that whatever we end up needing in the future, with ByDesign it will always get fulfilled”

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