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A complete shopping experience designed to entice buyers and reduce cart abandonment.

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All the Features You Need

Mobile Responsive

Deliver an ideal shopping experience for your customers regardless of the device they’re using when accessing your website. Responsive design is mobile-friendly and makes it easy for anyone to shop and purchase on your site from any device. 

Premium Branding

Provide your shoppers with a seamless brand experience by incorporating your marketing site’s header banner and footer into the cart application. Deliver a unified customer experience for your visitors as they navigate your marketing pages and the shopping cart.

Language and Country Selection

Provide multiple language options to open your brand and products to new customer segments previously out of reach – and in turn, help increase your sales and profits. Easily configure products, pricing, and warehouses to match each country.


Analyze site traffic and purchase activity through Google Analytics. Having a data-driven approach eliminates time-consuming guesswork and enables you to gain real-time insights into your visitors and customers.

Integrated eCommerce Solution

ByDesign’s Freedom Software enables the automatic, two-way flow of information to provide real-time updates to inventory quantities, prices, descriptions, images, and more.

Category Navigation

Drive sales by enabling your customers to quickly view and sort your products based on their shopping preferences.

Product Filtering

Engage shoppers and help them intuitively navigate from the landing page to the product detail page by narrowing the results to their preferred items.

Global Product Search

Make it simple for customers to find exactly what they want throughout the shopping experience by entering a keyword in the search box.

Quick Add

Remove obstacles and reduce clicks to help shoppers conveniently add products, change quantities, or remove items from the cart while browsing a category page.

Quick Shop

Add shopping convenience by allowing customers to quickly view product details, check product options, and add a product to the shopping cart without leaving the current product list page.

Product Tags

Help shoppers to quickly identify which products are new, discounted, top sellers, and more, with the placement of text banners or small icons.

Low & Out-of-Stock Message

Encourage action and impact purchase intent by setting low-stock inventory thresholds and warning messages that alert customers not to miss out on a great deal

Save to Wishlist

Enable customers to mark items as “favorites” and return later to purchase.  The shareable Wishlist accelerates sales and customer loyalty.

Configurable Promotions With Freedom eCommerce

Our Promotions Engine within Freedom eCommerce offers you the agility to craft compelling campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

Configuration & Management at Your Fingertips

Promotion Management

Create and manage promotions through configuration without the need for developers.

Flexible Setup

Target promotions based on thousands of user attributes from the type of customer to their current or prior activity.

Empower Sales with Targeted Promotions

For Representatives

Incentivize performance with exclusive deals that inspire your salesforce.

For Customers

Foster brand loyalty and repeat business with personalized offers.

Drive Growth with Referral & Loyalty Programs

Referral Rewards

Amplify your reach with programs that turn customers into brand advocates.

Customer Loyalty

Encourage recurring business with loyalty programs that reward ongoing engagement.

With configurable promotions, you’re not just creating offers; you’re building a community around your brand. Empower your sales team with the capability to design, launch, and manage promotions that resonate deeply with your field.

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Increase retention and order volume with an autoship program. Allow your representatives and customers to create recurring orders to be shipped at their convenience, making it much easier for them to enjoy and share their favorite products.

Build Customer Loyalty

Save your customers time and effort!  With recurring orders of their frequently used products, customer can customize their product, quantity, and delivery frequency. The Freedom software program then sets up the delivery, collects payment, and alerts the customer of the shipment. It saves both you and your customer time and effort and can be a great way to increase revenue while at the same time improving customer loyalty.

Consistent Revenue Projection

Encouraging customers to subscribe to autoship can help representatives more accurately forecast a component of their future income. Additionally, orders that are automatically replenished provide a more predictable method for managing inventory levels and improving corporate forecasting projections. Reward autoship customer with special discounts and status such as a Preferred Customer Program.

Power of Convenience

Consumers are busier than ever today, and they are looking for brands that provide them with the best products and a time-saving experience.  More than half of consumers say that their purchases are influenced by convenience.  Add more value to your customers by giving them a more convenient way to buy the products they want or need along with the ability to easily enroll from the shopping cart.

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Category Landing Page

Allow visitors to only view products they’re interested in learning more about.  Enhance your marketing results and establish emotional connections with shoppers by leveraging featured images, category descriptions, and product highlights — all on a single page.

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It’s All in the Details

Additional Option Selection

Improve your customer experience by allowing shoppers to easily select the size, color, dimensions, material, weight, and additional options directly from the product page. And offer a single product with multiple variations by leveraging this feature.

Upsell & Related Item Carousel

Increase your average order size by presenting related products, product suggestions, and impulse buys to shoppers based on their product selections.  Help shoppers find companion products they may not know you carry with this revenue-generating carousel feature.oship customer with special discounts and status such as a Preferred Customer Program.

Customer Reviews

Reinforce your customer’s buying decisions with reviews. The more reviews you have, the more convinced shoppers will be that they’re making the right choice. Reviews increase sales by providing social proof to potential customers that your brand can be trusted, and the products deliver on their promises. With the Freedom software, reviews are moderated by Corporate, so you control what’s displayed.

Customizable Detail Tabs

Elegantly organize content with the flexible tab layout.  Add videos, use cases, supplemental facts, size charts, and company details to your product listings without cluttering the page.

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