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The Business Accelerator

At ByDesign, we put a lot of focus and attention on making our clients more successful without them having to do any additional work.
The Freedom Platform was created to enable any size mlm company to compete on a level playing field by utilizing the latest technology to grow their mlm business with our corporate back office.
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Simplicity and Automation That Drives Success

With the Freedom mlm software, you’re in control!  Our features allow you to configure your own promotions, customize dashboards and messaging for the field;  it’s never been easier to create the ideal brand experience for your mlm company.

Bonus Compensation

Quickly view company performance with visual widgets with graphs, charts and snapshots of key metrics such as: Payout % and amount, revenue, payout by bonus type, and revenue versus payout. 

Audit Trail

Freedom automatically creates an audit trail for every action, change or activity that is made in in your software.  These digital breadcrumbs enable Corporate to quickly identify the person who made changes as well simplify the resolution of unintended issues or errors. 

News and

View monthly articles to get more out of your Freedom system, along with updates and release notes.  More than 600 FREE updates and enhancements each year. 


Everything you need to send out annual 1099 forms to your representatives, as well as the IRS.  Easily view missing and duplicate tax numbers as well as bad addresses for reps to ensure your data is accurate and compliant for tax filing. 

Quick Access to Customer and Field Management

Everything you need to grow your mlm business.

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Flexible Pricing

Leverage an unlimited number of price and customer types such as wholesale, preferred customer, retail customer, as well as compensation plan ranks to differentiate pricing tiers and drive more sales.

Support Ticket System

Create, track and manage support tickets from representatives.  Quick view access to key data such as the number of tickets by status, tickets by date or reason.  Pull detailed reports, view key performance metrics and spot trends all on the Support Ticket Dashboard. 

Rep and Customer CRM

The Freedom CRM manages contacts and aggregates lead and customer information to build profiles of everyone your reps interact with. Easy access to contact information, and historical notes on prior outreach or key data

360° View into Business Performance

With more than 600 built-in KPI reports, it’s simple to keep your metrics visible to evaluate performance. Improve decision making by making quicker, more informed decisions based on data.

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Content Publishing

Embed videos on products, company philanthropy, incentive trips, and more with our corporate back office. You can also embed the latest posts from the company social media and inspiring them to share.  Create the perfect dashboard for your representative by adding your own HTML or text. 

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Photo and Video Embedding

Social Media Updates

Custom HTML Compatibility

Incentive Trips

Personalized Dashboard Display

Create a personalized experience by rank for your field by catering the display of the representative dashboard to match the varying ranks within your compensation plan.

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Hide and show widgets to provide a simple and easy experience for casual reps at the lower ranks while still providing all their need-to-know information for your leaders at the upper ranks.

menu corporate back office


Configure the menu to hide and show information by rank. Incentive reports for leaders and above can be hidden for lower levels, while Fast Start reports can be configured to display for just the lower ranks.

dashboard corporate back office corporate back office bydesign corporate back office bydesign technologies corporate back office corporate backoffice


Create a new dashboard with its own set of widgets to display for each rank.  Customize the dash to display just the information that is relevant to running their business for representatives at that level of the business.

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