Elegance Case Study

elegance case study

Learn How Star Power Coupled With Innovative Technology Is Empowering Women With Growth Of More Than 370% at Elegance

Elegance Inc. is a social retailing company whose primary focus is to empower women and raise money for charities. At Elegance, they believe you should make your own hours, decide how hard you want to work, and how much money you want to make. As far as dreaming, dreaming bigger is the entire culture of Elegance. They know there is no greater reward than giving, which is why a portion of every sale Boutique Owners make goes to a worthy cause.

Elegance is pioneering a new vision for their direct selling business model. By offering exceptional products at fair prices and providing Boutique Owners with all the rights of a retail business owner, they seek to deliver an experience that creates a tremendous value for their distributors and customers.

They aim to create a new conversation about Party Plan businesses that is free from the negative stigma of the past. Elegance desires to create an environment where women are genuinely respected, empowered and fully equipped to be successful as entrepreneurs.

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“There is not another company out there that will work with you the way ByDesign will to help you to get over the inevitable challenges that come from launching and running a direct selling business.”
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The Challenge

Elegance was new to the direct selling industry and wanted to create a different type of experience for Boutique Owners and customers. They had a long list of software requirements and needed a technology partner that shared their values of honesty, fairness, and integrity. “The biggest issue for a startup in this business is trying to find a software company that can really deliver. The technology touches every aspect of the business and the selection of the wrong company could cause the business to fail.”

Elegance wanted to provide opportunities for women to own an online boutique, have live parties which we call Socials and to raise money for charity. They also wanted to provide an opportunity for charities to own boutiques and raise money for their organizations. To accomplish all of this, they needed to heavily leverage technology to enable functionality that did not currently exist in direct selling software.

Elegance interviewed ten software providers during their due diligence. “It was a significant eye-opening experience for us. Our search for a back office software provider was grueling, but it ultimately led us to the perfect partner.”

“The Freedom Solution is the most advanced and comprehensive technology in the industry — right out-of-the-box.”
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The Solution

“ByDesign Technologies is a great match for our company and culture. They are completely aligned with our values, goals, and mission. The Freedom Solution is the most advanced and comprehensive technology in the industry — right out-of-the-box. They have never charged a per order or per rep monthly hosting fee, which speaks volumes to their character. ByDesign truly cares about helping clients succeed at every stage of their business. In every area, they gave us much more than they had promised. ByDesign is by far the fairest company in the industry.”

“From the start, the ByDesign team provided us with a true partnership. We had a compensation plan we thought was easy, but it wasn’t. This was the most important thing in our business, and the ByDesign team provided tremendous assistance in helping us create the plan we truly wanted. “

“As we worked with different members of the ByDesign team, there was such a willingness to make changes and to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. ByDesign is unique in their desire to empower clients. Their ability to think outside the box enabled us to create something extraordinary.”

“ByDesign is awesome, and their solution is just the thing companies needs to start, grow and expand in this industry. Everyone has to have software to run a direct selling Party Plan or MLM business. I am a thousand percent confident that you will not find a better technology solution or partner than ByDesign.”

Elegance launched with the Freedom Cloud Solution, including Party Plan with Shopping Cart 2.0, Robust Promotions Engine, and a Custom Success Express program with enhanced gift certificate rewards.

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The Results

Elegance Inc. has grown more than 370% since launching the Freedom Solution.

“As a startup, we were in a vulnerable place, and we likely would not have survived if ByDesign had not been so flexible, easy to work with and fair. They knew the position we were in, and they never took advantage of it. ByDesign is the company everyone should be with because at any time something could happen in your business and you will need a partner that is authentically working for your success. There is not another company out there that will work with you the way ByDesign will to help you to get over the inevitable challenges that come from launching and running a direct selling business.”

‘A competing MLM Software company, told us that ByDesign would nickel and dime us. Our experience has been the exact opposite. ByDesign has consistently been extremely fair with their billing. Whenever we had a question on a charge, the team was very responsive. If we had a legitimate argument, they always did the right thing. They are focused on the long term relationship and helping their customers succeed, and that comes through in every decision they make.”

“It is easy to see a company’s true colors when there are problems. I know what happens when there’s a problem at ByDesign and how they handle it. They act quickly, they never do the minimum, and they always give their very best to a client. They are focused on the solution and helping their clients resolve any issues that are barriers to their success. ByDesign is the only technology company we would work with or recommend.”

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