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Low Risk Entrepreneur – Ugh, what in the world is that?

Low Risk Entrepreneur | A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms – from the tech startup that is well on its way to a billion dollars in sales all the way to the yoga teacher starting his/her own gym. Entrepreneurship knows no bounds or limits on the opportunities for monetizing business ideas.

However, starting a business on your own entails risk and successful entrepreneurs are at all times looking to reduce risk. One way to reduce risk is to enter a business that already has a proven track record, one that does not require any investment in R&D, creating a brand, or manufacturing the product.  A business where there is a plethora of training and support available.  Franchising meets many of these requirements with one exception – the requirement for a generally large up-front investment…. just as the definition states! So where does one look to get the advantages of joining a successful franchise but without a requirement for a large up-front investment?

For many, the answer is joining an MLM company.  MLMs are not a fit for everyone but for many the exploration of the unknown proves to be perfect!  Successful Low Risk EntrepreneursTM   use hard work, the ability to sell products and training others for success.   These are the same traits required for any successful entrepreneur just with a low financial risk. For the right person an MLM can open up a world of possibilities, create additional disposable income, allow one to work flexible hours, and have the opportunity to work on a team with like-minded individuals.

MLMs are like a business in a box!  They provide training, support, marketing materials, and products that fit with one’s interest….whether selling makeup, weight loss programs, travel plans, supplements, health foods, or a host of other products or services, it is the business of your choice with many options!   Low Risk EntrepreneurshipTM    opens up a world of possibilities for all!

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