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What do you need to increase your MLM company’s online sales?

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Ecommerce sales hit record levels in 2021 – with 900 million more shoppers making purchases compared to 2020. And the trend shows no signs of slowing. So, what do you need to increase your multi-level marketing (MLM) company’s online sales? Direct selling Ecommerce success takes a strategic understanding of the online opportunity and a solid set of MLM software tools.

The global pandemic prompted more people than ever to try out new technology, from Facetime calls and social media through online working, banking, and shopping. The increased online comfort levels accelerated digital trends. Seventy-three percent of American adults engage on social media. Sixty-one percent use online banking services. And Ecommerce sales grew by 44 percent in 2020 alone.

At the same time, people crave human connection in an increasingly digital world, especially when it comes to where and how they shop. Eight in ten consumers want personalized shopping experiences from companies that know them. And when companies deliver the personalization customers expect, they see 20 percent higher customer satisfaction rates and a 10 to 15 percent boost in sales, on average.

The combination of online shopping convenience and the desire for connection is a win-win for MLM companies. Direct selling representatives build close-knit relationships with the community of customers through personalized consultations and recommendations. What was once primarily achieved during one-to-one meetings or in-person events now happens through a mix of face-to-face and virtual interactions. To set representatives up for online selling success, MLM companies are leveraging their MLM software in three key ways.

3 essential elements for MLM online selling success

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1.  Give MLM representatives the ability to sell from anywhere, anytime.

Convenience is king when it comes to meeting today’s customer expectations. Most buyers rank the ease of shopping and purchasing as the main reason they shop online – ahead of price and product selection. That’s why direct selling companies need MLM software that enables them to seamlessly provide replicated websites for their independent sales representatives.

With replicated websites, MLM companies are able to give sales reps a turnkey Ecommerce site that provides a unique web address just for their customers. Replicated websites allow new MLM representatives to set up their shopping website the same day they join an organization. And MLM companies are able to maintain brand consistency across the design, content, and shopping experiences. Replicated websites can also automatically include mobile responsive design elements that ensure consistent and effective experiences no matter which device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone – customers choose to use.

Behind the scenes, replicated websites created within the company’s MLM software platform provide the integrated functionality it takes to build a business and drive sales. Key functions to look for include payment processing, automated sales tax calculation, inventory management, commission payouts, and comprehensive reporting options.

2. Deliver shopping experiences that make it easy for customers to browse – and buy.

One of the most important ways to drive increased Ecommerce sales is to provide customers with the online shopping experience they’ve come to expect. The best MLM software solutions regularly update their functionality to ensure that it’s easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, browse items they may not be familiar with, and add items to their shopping cart.

Look for Ecommerce functionality that helps to showcase products and bring them to life for customers. This includes the ability to provide multiple images of the product, showing different views, colors, or uses. Adding a video option for shoppers is an effective way to turn browsers into buyers. Research shows that consumers who watch a product video are up to 85% more likely to purchase it.

Along with helping customers see the product through images and videos, your MLM software should enable you to provide useful information and tools to assist shoppers. Product descriptions, size guides, related product recommendations, and customer reviews are excellent ways to give shoppers the confidence they need to purchase. In addition, look for MLM software with shopping cart features that allow customers to search for items by category or filters like style, size, or color. The best MLM software platforms will also provide the ability to tag products that alert customers to best-selling items, discounted products, or low in-stock quantities. All of these tags help to drive Ecommerce purchase rates.

Finally, leverage your MLM software’s capabilities to make the purchase process simple and seamless. Give shoppers options to make quick additions, change quantities, or remove items from their cart as they browse. Include an option for them to set up a wish list or save their cart if they’re not quite ready to purchase. And make setting up recurring purchases easy by integrating convenient autoship options into the checkout experience. Most importantly, streamline the payment process by showing the steps the customer needs to complete and making each as simple as possible. Keep in mind that one in four online shoppers will abandon their cart if the checkout experience is too complicated or takes too long.

3. Create connections with customers.

MLM sales are based on the personal connections that field representatives make with their customers. Today’s technology makes it easy to build and nurture loyal customer relationships online. It all starts with encouraging representatives and customers to share their passion for your products and services via social media.

For representatives, this can include regular posts as well as the ability to host social selling events. First, make it easy for representatives to post compelling content on social media by providing templates, images, or videos. This will also help to ensure overall brand consistency. Then, offer social selling tools that integrate with your MLM software that enable representatives to set up live events where they can interact with customers, showcase products, demonstrate different features, and direct people to their unique Ecommerce website to make purchases.

For customers, look for MLM software that enables you to provide social sharing buttons within your Ecommerce shopping experience so that buyers have a real-time option to share their experiences with their social networks. Customer-generated social media posts provide powerful testimonials that attract new customers and build your company’s brand.

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