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As the Executive director of Direct Selling Australia I am often asked the questions; Who is growing? What are they doing? What is happening in the industry? Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, I was when I was running a direct selling business but I’ll come back to that at the end, as I think I’m getting closer to finding it.

In Australia we have land mass of 7.7 million square kilometres (the same size as the States if you take off Hawaii and Alaska). We are the smallest continent and the biggest island but I see similar trends here as I see globally.

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The experience of the customer is king. The direct selling companies that are experiencing growth in Australia, are listening to what the consultant / consumer wants, expects and in some cases demands. They are driven, curious and eager to deliver a seamless business platform for training, ordering, selling, marketing, tracking etc. The list is endless but then so are the demands of the end user.

Consultants joining direct selling are apprentices in business, with little experience of the trade, looking to increase their skills and great companies are finding themselves uniquely placed in providing a business apprenticeship to them.

They are not stopping there as we see growth in members interacting with the end user as well. No longer can we define business as B to B or B to C.

The age of B to E is here (Business to Everyone) as I heard so brilliantly put in a recent podcast.

Whether MLM, Omni or Party Plan, the trends are the same. In Direct Selling we are often confused about who our customer is (the consultant or end user if they are not the same) but according to the online dictionary a consumer is:

“A person or thing that eats or uses something,” employing this definition they are all consumers.

The trend is clear; the consumer wants more, consumes more and wants to spend less time getting it.

So, what should I be doing you may ask?

We return to the silver bullet and again I am reminded of the podcast, where I first heard of B to E, called Growth IQ on https://juliemasters.com/inside-influence/ .

The silver bullet is: What do your customers think you should be doing?

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