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In our customer driven economy, consumers expect a “perfect experience” with your brand. The slightest friction in their purchasing journey can send that customer into the waiting shopping cart of a competitor.

No longer can direct selling companies rely upon excellent products and services alone. Ensuring that every aspect of your sales process is flawless is a prerequisite to long term success. And your customer’s identity is linked to their physical address. It is very important that your customer database is up-to-date.

Why does precision matter when it comes to your customer’s address?

  • Saves Money! Reduce undeliverable packages and reshipments
  • Enhances your brand value and customer service
  • Improves the accuracy of data analytics and demographics
  • Allows your business to charge and collect the correct sales tax

According to Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting on average, nearly 80% of customer addresses need corrections or updates. In one instance, a single five-digit ZIP code could include six different tax rates. There are thousands of similar examples!

In light of the recent Wayfair decision, the definition of state tax nexus has expanded beyond “physical presence.” We are hearing from businesses that they are starting to receive letters from the states requiring sales tax collection by October 1. Is your business prepared?

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