Professional Rep Tools

Professional Rep Tools


Your Reps are looking for tools that can take their business to the next level. ByDesign’s Professional Level Back Office Tools (Pro Tools), helps your Representatives work more efficiently and more effectively. Centered on an industry-leading commissions and genealogy foundation, the tools are powerful and very easy to use.

Unlock The Power of Tools to drive Recruiting, Retention and Revenue!

With a fully integrated suite of tools, your field will experience the value of Revolution every day in their business. Each tool is easily configured to align with your business model, branding, and voice. The robust Journey-based system of alerts makes it easier than ever to onboard new recruits, engage existing Reps, and eliminate uncertainty in order status and commission reporting. Additionally, the ability to limit tools by rank allows you to easily satisfy the need for advanced tools at higher ranks, without overwhelming the majority of your field at lower ranks. Plus, the fully responsive view and company branded mobile app keeps them plugged in when on the go.

“The field was very impressed with the advanced functionality built into the Freedom Pro Tools and the level of control that it gave them over their business — including Journey-Based-Alerts to guide consultants through their first months of business, progress tracking toward their next rank, and personalized Microsites for sharing marketing information with call-to-action functionality, and much more”

Traci Lynn Jewelry

Representatives look for Professional Level Back Office Tools to meet many of their business needs. Some of the benefits our clients have experienced by leveraging Pro Tools and the Problems they can solve for your Representatives are detailed below:

General Business





A smart phone standing at and angle displaying Journey Based Alert notification


  • Send messages via built in communication tools
  • Send to individuals and contact groups
  • Notify reciepents via Email or SMS
  • Create personal calendars
  • Create events for Trainings, Conference Calls and other Team Events
  • Subscribe to upline and team calendars
  • Target messages to a focused group of people
  • Tailor the message to meet the exact need
  • Use dynamic contact groups to focus on activity based segments
  • Create personal contact groups to segment your team
Smart phone displaying the adapture watch and the representatives alerts


  • Create, manage and message new Leads
  • Categorize Leads based on status, quality and type
  • Import Leads from a Google Account or text file
  • Share the latest videos and presentations via Showcase microsites
  • Share promotional and product information diretly to potential customers
  • Share the business opportunity diretly to potential recruits
  • Share microsites with your Social Network to let prospects learn about the opportunity and product
  • Receive alerts and new leads when Prospects request more information
  • Earn credit and comissions on Orders placed fromthe microsites
  • Grow your team as new enrollments join from the microsites
a standing smart phone showing a graphical chart of a direct selling representatives performance.


  • View your progress and your teams progress towards the next rank
  • Input new Leads into your Pipeline
  • Easily acess your upcoming Events
  • Receive notifications for personal business activity
  • Receive notifications for team promotions and activity
  • Access conviently from your Dashboard
  • View team data in a condensed convenient form on Contact Cards
  • Customize Consultant groups for tracking and segmented communication
  • Access advanced Personal and Team Reporting with filtering capabilities
  • Share training videos and presentations with your team via Showcase