We are Social Commerce.

ByDesign offers the ability to create a custom solution catered to solve for the complexity of your business. 

Seamless Selling

What is Wayroo?

Wayroo is a native mobile app that seamlessly integrates with ByDesign’s Freedom Platform that, enables your Reps to take payments for products in any channel; from selling on social, comment selling, and sending invoices, all the way to in-person transactions at events and trade show.

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Discover Freedom Software

Designed to offer you the freedom to launch, manage, and scale your direct-to-consumer marketing program, our Freedom Software checks all the boxes. It provides you with an effective, user-friendly, and no-nonsense solution to increase sales, boost productivity, and take your brand to the next level.

Our clients say it best.

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“The more complicated a rewards program is, the less likely a consumer is to leverage it. We chose to launch with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that was simple/easy yet appealing. Now we can monitor the data, assess the participation, and throw additional and/or limited time perks/rewards onto it.”

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“While we love our Brand Partners who are core to our business and growth, we’ve identified that this entire overlooked segment of people would be more valuable than simply a customer you’re throwing discounts at, but they aren’t interested in building a business. We’ve had ambassadors get a paycheck and think it’s an error because they aren’t building a business!”

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“I think that Social Commerce is the path forward for our industry. We have always evolved and changed with the market needs, and the next phase is focused on consumers and influencers. Having something to offer an influencer to motivate them to represent YOUR brand is vital for growth now and in the future.”

Improve one or many areas of your business:

Social Commerce in Action

We recently shared some of the findings from our recent client case study during the annual DSA Conference. Due to popular demand, we are now sharing the full case study, here. Fill out the form to view the detailed solutions and outcomes with some of our most recognized partners.

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Deliver an Ever-Evolving Shopping Experience

Empower your representatives to sell to anyone from anywhere. The Freedom software delivers all the features your representatives need to meet customers where they are, sell more products and grow your business.

Personalized Pricing By Customer Type

Leverage an unlimited number of price and customer types such as wholesale, affiliate, influencer, preferred customer, hostess, retail customer, as well as representative ranks to differentiate pricing tiers and drive more sales.

Robust Promotions

Boost your business and revenue year-round with retention-focused promotions. Freedom promotions are completely configuration driven – you won’t need any internal IT resources or have to pay a developer to write code.

Replicated Websites

Create unlimited personalized marketing websites for representatives with the Freedom software’s replication functionality.

Nearly 1000 clients put their trust in Freedom Software.

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