Onboarding and Recruiting

Deliver instant feedback and gratification to new recruits with personalized real-time mentoring.  Automated journey-based alerts drive the right action at the right time to accelerate representative success, drive engagement, and simplify recruiting.

Exculsive Features

Field-Tested Solutions to Successful Onboarding

Provide training and information that’s digestible, actionable, and relevant to the timing of a representative’s business launch.

Online Enrollment

New recruits can easily join, order a starter kit, and have their payment authorized right from a representative’s personal marketing website.

Automated Genealogy Placement

Freedom Software automatically links the new enrollee to the sponsoring representative’s organization and places them in the genealogy. 

In Business Right Away

After enrolling, new recruits can receive an automated onboarding alert from the CEO welcoming them to the company and immediately access their Rep Portal to get started. 

Automated Onboarding Alerts

The onboarding process begins at enrollment. Minutes after enrolling, new recruits receive their initial training materials. 

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Personal Marketing Website

Personal websites with unique URLs and “join now” and eCommerce capabilities are automatically established upon enrollment. 

Promote Business Instantly

Representatives can immediately share their website and shopping cart links on social media to announce their new business to their network.

Instant Shopping for Customers

Customers can instantly engage with a representative’s personal eCommerce site — purchasing products, sharing wish lists, and reading product reviews.

Foundation for Productivity

During the first days, weeks, and months of enrollment, new recruits can receive bite-size pieces of training to guide them through the onboarding process one easy step at a time. Each is specific to your business, reflects your brand and voice, and leverages field tags to personalize the experience for each new rep. 

Solutions Designed for Representative Success

Build in trigger alerts based on transactions, events, or the rep’s individual timeline to create a mentoring journey that starts on Day 1 and carries your representatives through their direct selling career.

Journey-Based Alerts

Create personalized, real-time coaching with alerts that drive the right action at the right time. Alerts are delivered directly to your reps’ back-office site on both the home page and the alerts page, with opt-in delivery to a personal email and SMS (text) to a mobile phone. 

Starting with The Basics

Freedom Software includes a series of approximately 20 generic and unbranded training alerts focused on the first 60 days of a new rep’s business, helping them to get started successfully. Because  the series is automatically sent to each person who enrolls, you can be assured of consistent training being delivered every time. 

Automated Multi-Media Training

Combine the bite-sized alerts with supporting videos, activities, and other tools to reinforce the training and engage your new representatives from day one. Use them as-is out of the box or customize them using your own training collateral. 


See what our clients are saying

The field was very impressed with the advanced functionality built into the Freedom Pro Tools and the level of control that it gave them over their business — including Journey-Based-Alerts to guide consultants through their first months of business, progress tracking toward their next rank, and personalized Microsites for sharing marketing information with call-to-action functionality, and much more.

Traci Lynn Jewelz

Traci Lynn Jewelz