How Your Competitors Use Technology to Stay Ahead

By leveraging technology in the right areas, it enables direct sales companies to create a frictionless experience that eliminates or significantly reduces the obstacles representatives and customers typically experience when interacting with your brand. Delivering this type of experience not only improves the likelihood of a sale, but it also allows your business to operate…

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We all understand “misleading and deceptive conduct”, right?

Australian Consumer Law issues for American direct selling companies A number of DSA Member companies are multinational corporations and, of those, a significant number have head offices in the United States of America.  The majority of matters which are referred to Russell Kennedy from American direct selling companies relate to claims under the Australian Consumer Law…

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The importance of a fully documented Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Communication and Documentation Best Practices Please, no one pagers! Compensation plans cannot be communicated to software developers with merely a one-page chart of title requirements and compensation percentages. Did you know that the document you created to explain your compensation plan to your sales force is not detailed enough for your software providers…

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