Sweet Minerals Case Study


Sweet Minerals’ mission is to provide women with the knowledge, products, and community that inspire them to be more. Sweet Minerals leads whole-heartedly, gives generously, and spreads the Sweet Life to all those in their range of influence. They believe in a self-fulfilled state of living where goals are achieved, confidence is gained, inner beauty is realized, and devotion flows from the heart.

Their product line includes lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, foundations, blemish concealers, facial masks, anti-aging remedies, moisturizers, body washes, foot scrubs, and other cosmetics. They manufacture their minerals in-house, and use the best possible ingredients for body and skin care by leaving out irritants and fillers. Their focus is on creating cosmetics that are good for skin health, last 18+ hours, and are easily removed with a gentle cleanser.

With ByDesign the implementation was effortless and the relationship is outstanding and they always exceed our expectations. They continually deliver solutions we didn’t even know we needed until we received them and now we couldn’t live without them


As a bootstrapped company, Sweet Minerals grew quickly by developing the direct sales side of the budding brand.

As the company grew, they were ready to take America by storm with their signature products. Sweet Minerals needed a cloud solution that could automate their monthly commission processing, and support their existing compensation plan.

They needed a way to eliminate technology as a reason why Educators left the company and to provide visibility on order status, back-ordered items, bonuses and customer information.

Sweet Minerals also needed a user-friendly website that made it easy for Educators to sign up and for customers to place orders.

To support their continued growth, Sweet Minerals required a technology partner that they could grow with globally — one that they could rely on 24×7 without the need for any internal technical staff.

I know we’re in the direct selling business because of the Freedom Cloud Solution. If it wasn’t for ByDesign we would be an e-commerce only business.


Sweet Minerals chose ByDesign as their software solutions partner after 18 months of due diligence and constant communication. “ByDesign was the clear choice, and the only company that was able to do everything that was in the existing compensation plan. All the other companies were not able to provide one of more of the essential requirements. They were also the only company that was able to deliver a smooth transition going from Excel.”

Sweet Minerals implemented the turnkey Freedom Cloud Solution that includes an advanced corporate back office with commissions and genealogy, shopping cart 2.0, replicating websites, consultants’ portal and a robust promotions engine.

“We developed a network of other direct sales companies that were looking for software during our due diligence. Without exception, those companies that selected a partner other than ByDesign had constant headaches, very strained relationships with their software company, a daily tug-of-war between corporate and the software company and they also did not receive the full functionality they were promised. With ByDesign the implementation was effortless and the relationship is outstanding and they always exceed our expectations. They continually deliver solutions we didn’t even know we needed until we received them and now we couldn’t live without them”


Sweet Minerals saw nearly instant results after partnering with ByDesign. “The ROI on our Freedom Cloud Solution is several hundred times and it keeps growing every month with the release of new features and enhancements. It’s very exciting and the field loves it! They want with the newest, latest and greatest and with ByDesign that is constantly happening. I know we’re in the direct selling business because of the Freedom Solution. If it wasn’t for ByDesign we would be an e-commerce only business.”

The online shopping that Sweet Minerals initially launched was functional, but their internal process included several challenges for their Educators and customers that needed to be simplified. “It was a very difficult shopping experience and we lost people and sales.” As they were reviewing options to launch their own shopping cart, ByDesign released a new enhanced shopping cart and advised Sweet Minerals that their cart was being upgraded and it was completely free. “Everything that was on our list that we were about to look for and pay for was included. It was the most amazing moment and this happens all the time with ByDesign.”

Sweet Minerals constantly receives feedback that their website is gorgeous — referring to their shopping cart. “Stunning pictures of the product will never be seen unless you can showcase them in a beautiful shopping cart that creates a premier experience for your customers. The Freedom shopping experience has elevated the Sweet Minerals brand and increased sales by 300%.”

Before using ByDesign, Sweet Minerals employees had to manually track coupon codes and link them to field Educators in order to provide them with commission credit. “It was taking one week to manually process monthly commissions. When we ran into errors it caused even more challenges. It could take hours for one order… Now it takes a couple minutes to run commissions instead of an entire week and hundreds of orders can now be processed in the time it used to take for a single order.” Now that technology is no longer a hindrance, staff at Sweet Minerals have significantly more time to focus on growing their business and delivering exceptional customer service.

The Freedom Promotions Engine provides Sweet Minerals with everything they need to configure and manage their promotions without the need for a software developer or IT staff. The system easily accommodates their numerous monthly, weekly, and daily promotions which have increased e-commerce sales revenue and adds tremendous value to keep shoppers coming back. “We are constantly using the Freedom Promotions Engine, and we leverage promotions stacking. There’s no way we could have ever done this in the past. There’s so many options with Freedom. It is so easy to set up and easy to use. Extremely easy.”

In the past, Sweet Minerals Educators submitted support tickets to confirm the status of their orders. This process added a considerable work load for the corporate staff. The Freedom solution now sends out an automatic status email and Educators know with certainty if their order is posted or shipped. If it is shipped they can go in and get the tracking number. They no longer need to open a ticket because the entire process is automated. It has dropped tickets to a non-existent level.

With the Freedom Cloud Solution, the Sweet Minerals’ customer experience is now perfectly aligned with the high expectations that consumers have for online shopping. Not only do customers benefit from the Freedom Solution, but Educators report greater ease and satisfaction.

It is simple for new Educators to sign up and easy for them to get other people to sign up. “It does not matter what time a new Educator signs up on the website —which is all run by ByDesign — they get access to training immediately. That’s a big competitive advantage over signing up with a company and you have to wait or you don’t even know if you get any training. People come and go in our industry, and they go for multiple reasons. Technology is never a reason that Educators leave Sweet Minerals now.”

An Expert Team
That Shares Your Vision

Sweet Minerals takes advantage of ByDesign’s commitment to customer success by making use of their full service team.  “ByDesign Technologies is much more than a software company; they are our cloud provider.  They are our IT team, our Research and Development team, and our Partner that we depend upon for helping us grow our business and stay ahead of the curve with their advanced technology as our competitive advantage.”

ByDesign and the Freedom Platform
Bring Sweet Success

“If you’re thinking about partnering with ByDesign Technologies it shouldn’t even be a question. If you want to grow your business work with ByDesign. If you want headaches go with somebody else.”

Expansion Options

Sweet Minerals manual processes made it challenging to connect to new customers or potential Educators via social media.  Now, Sweet Minerals has a very different social media presence. “People are now coming in from Instagram and they’re signing up.  In the past they would have left and never signed up due to the difficult process… We’re seeing new Educators place orders within 24 hours – that’s an order on top of the join kit.  It would not happen before —people would sign up and they didn’t have the tools to know how to place a first order.”