New Work Policy

  • An estimate applies to work that will be fully detailed in the Software Requirements Document (SRD). Additional elements amended to a request or other forms of “scope creep” will render the estimate null and void and a new estimate will be provided. This policy applies to all phases of the project.
  • An estimate is valid for two weeks. If there is no response to the quote or the quote is declined, the project will be closed. The hours spent on the project will be deducted from the hours allocated to the client’s monthly support hours, unless a payment is required to complete the high level estimate (HLE), as is the case with more complicated projects. Re-opening a project may require a new high-level estimate (HLE). Previous hours spent will be considered and will not be included in the new high-level estimate (HLE).
  • After an estimate is provided and approved, the project will continue to the SRD and Detail Quote phases. If the Detail Quote, created based on full SRD documentation, is within 20% of the estimate provided here, ByDesign will continue on the project and any overages within that 20% will be billed. If the Detail Quote exceeds 20%, client approval of additional hours will be necessary before the project can proceed. Client may elect to cease the project at that time and be billed for time spent.
  • Billing for a project is completed at the time of user acceptance testing (UAT) delivery, and final payment is required before the project is rolled out to production. 14 days is allotted for UAT, if completion of UAT is delayed beyond the 14 days allotted due to client inaction, then the client will be responsible for payment of 10% of the project total cost per month until UAT has been completed. If UAT is not completed within 90 days of original UAT submission, then the project must be resubmitted through QA at cost to the client (the client will be informed of this cost). Delays during UAT due to rework, unexpected behavior, or other delays for which ByDesign is directly responsible will not incur additional fees or penalty (delays due to client inaction after any obstructions have been cleared will be subject to fees based on a 14 day period from which the obstruction was cleared).