MLM Promotions

MLM Promotions

Direct Sales Promotions Overview

A promotion is designed as a limited time offer that is used to increase awareness and sales of a product or service. A successful promotion will achieve a measurable boost in sales by lowering the risk to buy a product, and incentivizing consumers to purchase now.

Just as promotions positively impact growth, a lack of promotions negatively impacts a company’s sales potential. Attainable promotions inspire both representatives and customers towards positive behaviors, attitudes, and actions.  Because promotional savings attract more people to your site, you have more potential buyers for other items in your online store.

With the robust Freedom Promotions Engine, you will be empowered with everything you need to configure and manage your promotions without the need for a software developer or IT staff. Freedom’s powerful client-controlled promotions solution enables you to create and run a wide range of special offers. With real-time promotions, you can increase your e-commerce sales revenue and add value to keep shoppers coming back. 

“The Promotions Engine is extremely valuable to our business. It allows us to be incredibly imaginative and really creative with ideas that get our field motivated and their customers buying. If we can think it up, the Promotions Engine can do it. This system is so flexible that we can easily make it work exactly the way we want, without any customization needed.”

Clever Container

If you are new to running promotions or just looking for some new ideas, we have put together a list of the top 12 promotions for direct selling companies. All of these promotions and many more are supported by the Freedom Promotions Engine.

1. Free Shipping

You will want to build the price you will incur for shipping into your product pricing to ensure the promotion is profitable for you. Consider pairing Free Shipping with Free Returns to provide your customers with a risk-free shopping experience. 

2. Autoship Promotions

Get creative with rewarding representatives that are on autoship. Try buy three get one free, discounts or prizes for being on the same autoship for every X consecutive periods.

3. Preferred Customer Programs

Gain additional customers from your top customers with incentives such as a prize, gift, or discount for every x customers that are referred.

4. Buy One Get One

A consumer favorite, BOGO promotions sell two items as fast as one and move inventory quickly.

5. New product promotions

Persuade shoppers to try a new product by offering special pricing or free sample packs when they purchase another product from the company. This promotional goal helps to ensure the success of the launch.

6. Holiday Promotions

The traditional holidays for promotions include Memorial Day, 4th of July, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Thanksgiving (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), Christmas and New Year’s.

7. Flash Sales

Want to clear our older inventory and make room for the new season? The time limit and limited availability entice consumers to buy on the spot, encouraging impulse buying.

8. Check-Out Promotion Codes

Reward shoppers who have purchased $XX with a promo code offer on their next order to drive repeat sales and encourage higher-order frequency from existing customers.

9. Free Gift with Order/Free Gift with purchase of $XX

Add more value to a purchase by including a gift. This motivates customers to “buy now” by providing more for the same price.

10. Collection, Catalog, or Single Item Discount

Looking to bring more attention to a collection? Drive sales with a promotion that targets just the items in a catalog or even a single item you want to move faster.

11. Discounted Item with Threshold Purchase

When shoppers buy $XX, they can choose from a list of products that can purchase at a special discount.

12. Site-Wide Sale

Instill a sense of urgency to gain new customers and lure in people who haven’t bought from you in a while with a site-wide discount.