Compensation Performance

Easy and Accurate Management

When it comes to managing compensation performance, it’s critical to ensure your plan is not over-paying or under-paying.  Freedom software enables your representatives to quickly view their compensation with drill down details to inspire them to increase their productivity and strive for the next rank.

Complete Corporate Visibility

View widgets with graphs, charts, and snapshots of key metrics. Instantly see variations in revenue vs. payout over the past six months as well as other data points to spot trends and potential issues with your compensation plan performance or payout.

Corporate dashboard for bonus for a direct to consumer company

Compensation Plan Modelling

Freedom allows corporate to model various plan changes such as commission rates, volume thresholds, and numeric qualifications to help you design the most effective plan.  See how potential changes will affect the field —  how will it adjust the payouts and how many new people will rank up if you adjust a volume amount. 

Compensation Dashboards & Reporting

Gain insight and understanding of how your Representatives are performing based on the compensation plan. Freedom offers total visibility into where bonuses are being paid, the percentage of payout as well as the ability to see trend line information.

360 View of Commissions Earnings

Reduce support requests from the field with self-service compensation reporting.  Empower representatives to view commission summaries, statements and historical records of each payout.  Projection reporting keeps representatives updated on their commissions progress throughout the month. 

Empower Your Representatives

Your Representatives are looking for tools that can take their business to the next level. Pro Tools helps your Reps work more efficiently and more effectively. 

Focused for Success

Driving field productivity and success starts with representatives knowing what matters most right now.  Provide instant access so your representatives can see a snapshot of their achievements and identify where to focus time and attention to maximize their results.

Optimize Performance

Deliver timely information on performance, qualifications, promotions, and success to your sales organization. Empower your reps to motivate and be motivated with quick access to qualifications and bonus progress for themselves and their team.  Remove the guesswork by providing the exact qualifications needed to grow their business.

Bonus Alerts

Keep reps engaged and actively working their business with consistent and accurate notifications on their compensation plan progress. This feature motivates reps to take action to maximize earnings and take advantage of every opportunity within reach.

Dashboard Reports

Access key reporting information about your business directly from the homepage of the Rep Portal.  Instantly view Volumes from the previous 3 months, Commission payouts for the previous 5 periods, and Recent Growth Statistics with trend data indicating growth or decline.

Drill Down Reporting

It can be challenging to provide all of the information an engaged leader needs and wants without overwhelming a more casual rep with too much information. Revolution Pro solves this with drill-down capabilities.


See what our clients are saying

The committing of commissions is fast and quite simple. Its high accuracy has developed the kind of trust we need in our Leaders and Advisors. They know that their compensation is being calculated in the right manner and trust the system’s accuracy and reliability.

Marcus Spurway

Marcus Spurway

The compensation engine is incredibly accurate, which allows consultants to feel confident that they will be paid the right amount, on-time, each time. The entire back office truly is incredible.

Traci Lynn Jewelz

Traci Lynn Jewelz