Limitless Flexibility: ByDesign’s Open Platform Ecosystem

ByDesign’s technology allows clients to share specific data with external systems that they desire to integrate into their Freedom Solution.  These external systems are “built upon” our open platform using APIs. Our ecosystem allows clients to leverage APIs and our trusted partners’ network to deliver an ideal experience for their representatives and customers.


Open Platform & API’s

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” It’s code that allows two or more software programs to communicate with one another in simple terms. It’s just like software calling, texting, or emailing one another.

Freedom Open Platform

It is likely that you are already interacting with all sorts of APIs every day.  A common example can be found in the way that Yelp! Uses Google Maps to show the location of each listing in your search results.

Yelp Screenshot

Kyäni leveraged the Freedom Platform’s comprehensive APIs to use their own systems to access their raw data stored ByDesign’s Freedom Data Warehouse. This enable them to produce customized reports and even apply artificial intelligence to gain greater visibility of their business. Learn more

In Direct Selling, APIs allow for extended features and functionality to seamlessly and securely work with your back-office software.   

A few common examples include:

The Freedom platform is API ready, out of the box. We provide:


Partnerships – Leverage the Best of the Industry

ByDesign specializes in providing a complete ecosystem of solutions and trusted partners for growing direct selling companies. We can help with everything from the technology you need to launch and run your business through resources and tools that empower your representatives to engage customers and make sales. Contact Us to schedule a consultation today to learn more.

ByDesign Ecosystem Graph

Let’s look at some examples to get a clearer picture of how this works:

New Rep Onboarding
ByDesign’s Journey Based Alerts are triggered by a Rep’s Join Date:
  • You choose what they receive and when they receive it, so they receive training in bite-sized, digestible pieces that are relevant to them at each point in their business.
  • For each alert, you can add the supporting training resource. From PDF to Videos, you can customize each to leverage your existing training content.
Our Partners’ Onboarding tools can extend our functionality to include:
  • Gamification, with custom badges and rewards earned for completing each training
  • Dynamic interaction allowing the new Rep to practice the skills being trained and share with their Sponsor
  • Sponsor reporting tools to track the training progress of each new Rep joining their team
  • Communication tools within the onboarding system itself
Sales & Marketing tools
ByDesign’s Showcase is a video library you load with videos from YouTube or Vimeo:
  • Reps can watch directly within Showcase, without leaving their back office to go to an external site
  • Sharing via a Microsite ensures that when the recipient clicks to shop/join, they are taken back to the sending Rep’s personal site
Our Partners’ Sales & Marketing tools can extend our functionality to include:
  • Create drip campaigns that, once sent, are triggered by the engagement of the recipient
  • Allow Reps to create and share their own videos/content
  • Provide detailed reporting on recipient engagement to gauge success of content/campaigns and determine next course of action for each recipient