Commissions & Genealogies


Genealogies are the backbone of every Party Plan and MLM compensation plan as they dictate how friends, family and complete strangers are connected in a company’s income opportunity. Like compensation plans, genealogies come in all shapes and sizes. They range in width from 1 person wide to unlimited width and even sometimes down to infinite levels.


Unilevel compensation plans are one of the most common commission plans in our industry, and for good reason. Unilevel plans are very versatile but are also motivational, easy to predict and easy for representatives to understand. Furthermore, Unilevel plans allow unlimited width, creating a big earning opportunity for representatives. Compression or not, breakaway or not, and other Unilevel plan traits, we’ve done them and would be happy to provide more information on these types of plans.


Binary MLM compensation plans may limit the width of a representative’s downline (they’re two-wide) but they are not limited in terms of their earning potential. Many distributors will argue that Binary plans have the biggest earning opportunity compared to other compensation plan types. It’s also been said that Binary compensation plans are risky and unpredictable. However, like any commission type, Binaries can be safe and highly effective if setup properly. We’ve done more than our share of Binaries and would love to share our experience with you.


Matrix compensation plans are easy to teach and also provide a real income opportunity to representatives. Matrix plans are limited in width, which is why they’re often called a “Force Matrix”. They are often 7 or 8 wide and because of this, encourage team work amongst distributors. Not only will a representative’s enrollees be placed under them but the enrollees of others might be placed beneath them also, thus spreading the wealth. Additionally, if you want your matrix to be expandable, we’ve done that too.


Party Plan compensation plans are extremely common in today’s Direct Selling industry. They allow friends, family, acquaintances and even complete strangers to explore and experience many of the great products offered by their respective companies. In fact, most people have been to a party at some time or another during their lifetime. It’s no wonder that Party Plans have been around for so long, they’re genuine in their offerings and provide a fantastic income opportunity for everyone.

Commissions Engine

Our commissions engine is flexible in more way than one! With the ability to pay commissions in multiple currencies, model potential compensation plan changes or even maintain multiple, separate and disconnected plans, our commissions engine can handle your compensation plan. Not to mention that our commission reporting is infinitely detailed without being complex.

Representatives can instantly view their projected commissions and previous payouts through Rep Portal in both summary and detail views.

Representatives can view each sale that made up their commissions as well as any bonus payments.  They also have instant access to the requirement to achieve a particular rank.  As well as what they are missing to get to the next level!   All of that information is packaged into simple to use reports for representatives to manage their business.

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