813.253.2235 x134 |  miguel.andino@bydesign.com
Miguel has been with the ByDesign team for 8+ years. He is highly skilled in leading projects from inception to launch. Miguel has an extensive background in project management and commissions. His attention to detail and client-focused approach is adaptable, agile, and able to manage constant change through innovation and impeccable communication.

From assisting launching companies into Freedom and helping ensure the successful completion of all new projects, to providing the best client support in the industry. Miguel and his team of Commissions Analysts, Product Specialist, Implementation Specialists and Client Support Specialists are the go to guys to help address and implement your business requirements on time and answer your questions.

Miguel grew up in Puerto Rico. As an islander, hiking, playing guitar, having an adventurous spirit and lots of surfing was part of his daily life. During weekends you might find Miguel coaching at the local community centers (e.g., YMCA) and is an avid basketball fan. Or you might see him at the beach, remembering the island life. Miguel also loves the outdoors and most of all enjoys spending time with his family.

My Strengths
  • Strategic
  •  Includer
  •  Positivity
  •  Relator
  •  Responsibility
Ask Me About
  • Family
  • The Beach
  • Surfing
  • Basketball
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