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Bobby has been creating exceptional customer experiences for more than 25 years. His inspiring motivational style is perfectly balanced with the analytical skills to focus on the most productive initiatives and create long term customer value. In addition to customer support and contact center leadership, Bobby’s cross-functional management background includes sales, marketing, operations, training and development. His focus on building relationships and continuous process improvement ensures that we anticipate our customer’s needs, understand their key drivers, and deliver a user experience that will seamlessly grow and scale with them.

Before Bobby started his career, his family did catering where Bobby learned at a young age the art of serving others along with food preparation. He worked in a local restaurant in both serving as a waiter and back in the kitchen as a cook and in food preparation. To this day, Bobby’s family still does a few catering events each year for a select group of friends and family where he likes to try out new recipes and ideas.

Growing up, Bobby was very involved in his church as a singer and playing guitar for weekly services. During High School and College, he sang with a contemporary group that traveled and performed around central Florida. Currently, Bobby still volunteers weekly at his local church as a sound engineer.

Bobby has a wife and two children, one in High School and the other in college. His wife works at the district level for the county school system.

In Bobby’s free time, he enjoys doing family things and loves down times watching movies and hanging out with friends.

My Strengths
  • Communication
  •  Developer
  •  Positivity
  •  Individualization
  •  Responsibility
Ask Me About
  • Family
  •  Movies
  • Event Planning & Catering
  •  Singing & Guitar
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