The Executive Team

Jeff Ayscue is the CEO. After being in the industry as a software programmer, he realized that there had to be a better way. He wanted to create a company that had strong, stable technology (no vaporware) as well as great customer support. Jeff was the original programmer of the software but in 2007, as new languages came into play, he decided not to learn them and focus on running the business. Jeff loves being able to solve problems and is constantly looking for ways to improve ByDesign for direct sellers around the globe.
Daryl Wurzbacher is the President. In this role, Daryl is responsible for all technology, including application development and network operations. Daryl became passionate about the Direct Sales industry after working for a direct selling company and seeing how his technical mind had an impact on the success of the field. He has worked with ByDesign for over 10 years. He has spoken at the Direct Selling Association and is very involved in the industry. The part he enjoys most about the industry is the impact ByDesign has on their clients and customers.
Serena Ayscue is the Executive Vice President. Over the years, Serena has served in various positions and she says her true title is “gap filler.” She currently works with the management team and leads the Communication and Education team. Serena has spoken at the Direct Selling Association and has had several articles published. She loves the fact that every day, ByDesign has the power to make dreams a reality.
Jerry York is the Vice President of Sales. His career in Network Marketing and Party Plan spans over 35 years. He has extensive experience in the field as a distributor, the owner of his own network marketing company, and as an executive with three software information systems providers. He has worked closely with start-up companies as well as large, established, international DSA companies. Jerry has published several articles on the industry and has spoken worldwide on building strong and lasting downlines. Jerry has been an integral part of the ByDesign team since 2004.
Sri Subramanian is the Director of Commissions and Quality Assurance. Sri has been with ByDesign for more than a decade and loves the compensation plan area. He has a team of Commissions and Quality Assurance analysts that help create quality product every day. Sri, coming from a programming background has a great acumen to leverage technology to solve business problems by understanding the big picture of “why”.
Kristin Russell is the Design Director. In her role, Kristin is responsible for applying innovative design solutions to ByDesign Technologies applications and software. With over 11 years UI/UX knowledge and a DSA marketing background, she is passionate about perfecting application solutions for the direct selling industry.
Daniel Berganza is the Development Manager. Daniel has been with ByDesign for more than 9 years and has been involved with the development from the beginning. Daniel has led many key initiatives in ByDesign including the Promotions and Dynamic Bonus engines. As a developer himself, Daniel utilizes his business and technical knowledge to solve complex problems and drive the development team towards success.
Ryan Averill is the Infrastructure Architect. In this role, Ryan is responsible for all Infrastructure at ByDesign, as well as a team of engineers. Ryan has over 10 years of experience in Enterprise IT, including several years at the largest chain of data centers on the east coast. While there, he focused on network engineering, system administration and DevOps. His areas of expertise also include enterprise hosting, having worked with several leading retail customers: Major League Baseball, Lenovo, Books-a-Million, Toshiba and Disney. He has also designed one of the largest private VPN services in China, serving over 5M customers and 40TB of data per day. Ryan frequently contributes to many popular open source projects and has a strong passion for programming.